Friday, May 6, 2011


I started Beauty School (Cosmetology at Idaho State University) in August 2010. My first semester was in a class room with 16 other females ranging in age from 18 to 35. Wendi and I found each other among these younger girls right away and became BBSFs (Best Beauty School Friends) I had a really tough first semester getting in routine with my kids and figuring out that it is really ok for my house to not be in total order and trying to balance my kids my husband my two part time jobs and school. Our program is Monday thru Friday 8 am to 5 pm so it is like a full time job. I have learned so much this year not only from my friendship with Wendi but from these amazing young girls who are just starting their journey into being adults. My heart has been touched by so many of them and I am so grateful to met them! This past semester I am on the floor working with clients. And I love love cutting hair!!!! Color work is fun too but cutting is in my heart for sure! I graduate in December 2011 and I am so excited! My BBSF Wendi will not be graduating with me... in fact she is not coming back next semester.... My heart is swelling because I am going to miss her. She has been such a huge part of my every day life... I am sure we started school at the same time to meet each other so we can be friends forever and forever! I love my BBSF!!! (This photo was taken at the drag Queen Show in IF)

2010 Misc Photos

Parker at his 1st Pinewood Derby.
Randy and I at the Drag Queen Show.

Randy and I dressed up for the Moulin Rouge Party at Flipside Lounge. Randy loves to sing at Open Mic Night at Flipside. And my three beautiful kids at Halloween 2010.

Easter Weekend

A few times a year The Kunkel Clan gets together. My big brother, his wife and six kids come up from Utah and my sister, her hubby and their two kids come over from Twin Falls (David, his wife and new daughter and Me and My family live here). My children love love and look forward to these weekends with cousins! I love how all my kids have at least one cousin that they are close to in age and or personality. Over Easter weekend we planned a baby shower for my brothers wife Christina, an easter egg hunt for the kiddos and the men decided to build a tree house! Of course the tree house was the hit of the weekend and will give our kids many many years of fun good times at Oma and Opa's house!

Friday, March 4, 2011

Tough Love

It is so hard to choose something different from your family. Today I had an ahhh ha were I felt alot of compassion for new members of the church whos families disown them for joining the church. We have been getting flooded by our families need to express their opinions on our life choices that do not fall in place with the church.
I understand our families love us and they believe everything they express to us. I love our family. I love that they feel so strongly about their belief system. I would never ask them to change the way the feel and or believe. But my heart is breaking. I am at a loss.
We are being very open and honest with our selves and our choices.... an honesty that was not in our marriage for eight years. This honesty has freed us from so much. This honesty has given me the opportunity to form my very own opinion about many things.
Alot of my opinions do not mesh with the church. It took alot of soul searching for me to come to terms and step away from the church I grew up with.
Our family has a misunderstanding that we are just playing now and will repent later. I do not feel like any of my actions need repenting. I do not hurt my man kind, I am honest, true to my self, caring towards others, I love to serve my fellow man, I am an amazing mother, wife, friend, sister, aunt, daughter.....
So I ask my family if you feel the need to express your feelings and beliefs on MY choices please keep it to your self. Believe me I KNOW how you feel. If you are curious about my beliefs and or choices please just ask me. If you feel the need to pray for us... please do! My Father in Heaven blesses me every day and I would never deny more blessing.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

For Randy and Ginny's birthday weekend we went to Lava Hot pools. We had so much fun with the camera going under water! I love love the pic of Randy and Ashton! Two of my favorite boys!!!!

Friday, August 20, 2010

One Crazy Year

I can not believe it has been a year since I have posted anything! What a year it has been! I will really try to do better but I think the year ahead will be even crazier for us but in a much better way!
I had my surro baby on November 13. My water broke and it was the first and maybe the biggest storm of the year. His mom and dad had a long drive from MN and missed his arrival. They were on the phone while I delivered and we recorded everything. Jadd was 8 lb 4 oz.... and perfectly healthy. The next morning when his mom and dad arrived was one of the most amazing moments of my life. When his mom picked him up their eyes locked and they both knew.... that was his mom and he was her son. It was beautiful. Everything I had been searching for... was in that one moment. You dont need DNA or you dont need to carry a baby for that baby to be yours. I had come full circle in this long journey.
Now you must know my head and my heart did not want or need baby Jadd.... but this body of mine struggled... I tried to jump right back into the swing of things but this only made things worst. In hind sight I realize I should have relaxed and embraced all the feeling that came. I am grateful for the great people in my life that loved me through it and did not give up on me. I had lots of people give up on me this winter... it weighed hard on me but in the end my life is fuller and richer with out them in it.
Through this struggle of mine to need an identity I decided to go back to school. It may be 11 years late but I am sooooooo excited! I start in just a few days at ISU in the Cosmetology program. I am nervous. I am nervous on how to balance school, my babies and my handsome husband. Randy is so super supportive and ready to pick up the slack. I am really not sure how I could live this life with out him...
I have filled this summer with lots of busy fun for me and the kids. Randy and I have also been enjoying our time together. We have attended some amazing theme parties at our fav bar in town. We have been so lucky to have met some super amazing people... we have our fingers crossed that we have found some great friends. I must go and be a mommy today. I will try and post some summer pics. And not let another year go by with out an update!

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Our weekend get away

Randy and I flew to Phoenix this weekend to visit our friends Jay and Liz. On Saturday we went to Sedona for the day and played on Slide Rock. What a great day and week end!
Pregnant Belly